The concepts that our company is built on

The spirit of collaboration 
  We are all working together to create a fantastic company. Every employee knows
  his role thoroughly, loves the company, and contributes towards its development.
The spirit of initiative
  We possess foresight, and are on the forefront of change.
  We never step away from challenges, in order to create new values.
The spirit of co-operation
  We never shirk from difficulties, and continue our efforts with constant and unfailing ambition.
The spirit of courtesy
  We prioritize courtesy in our connection with the company, and never forget to be polite.
The spirit of credibility and reliability
  So that our company can be thought of as credible and reliable by society, we are resolute
  in our actions.

Management Principles

■ Challenger (Co. Ltd.) is a company in which individuals grow together via their work, and are inspired to creativity.

■ We all take pride in our work, and never fail to strive towards being a company that contributes to society.

■ We pay close attention to global trends, understand the needs of today, and do not forget to act in a way that contributes to society.


While our history as a company is still short, we have steadily increased our work since the inception of our company, and we aim to further develop in the future as well. We hold a variety of visions that we apply to our daily work. As a general trading company, we promise to provide the maximum support, suited to our customers needs, by using the most recent, beneficial and definite information. We work towards being a company that is useful, reliable and loved by our customers and society. We look forward to growing under your guidance in the future.

Company President Sakari Okada